Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Against Forgetting

This work was made in the year 2000, after a visit to Auschwitz and Dachau around that time. 

I am not Jewish, was not born until 1972 and I have no experience of the horrors of Nazi persecution.  In trying to explain as to why I made this work for most of it I cannot. 

I can only say that I know that it is vitally important that we know our pasts, that we not forget, in order to create a healthy future.

This work is made as a reaction to that visit, by myself a young photographer wishing to use her medium to make statements in hope of a better world. 

At that time; the new millennium, there were and still are many atrocities happening in our world, is not time we put these wrongs right?   Since making this work I have also addressed other issues such as the Tibet situation and the Palestinian situation, using photography as a tool for opening up dialogue and as a Voice in hope of Peace.

This series consists of 15 images 8cm x 8cm printed onto 29.7cm x 42 cm archival matt paper, and will be submitted for consideration towards an exhibition titled 'Shoah' to be shown in 2010. 

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