Thursday, March 31, 2011


Home is a series of 5 images, a Tibetan man living in exile, has a dream in prayer of his return home to Tibet. When he finds himself there, the dream turns into a nightmare, facing violence he meets his death. But through his death he finds his inner spirit, and learns that the only true home we have is within the journey.

Thoughts and prayers are always with the Tibetan people inside and outside of Tibet. May you all find peace, Om shanti Om.
Images are digitally manipulated.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Mother Earth needs us now.

Sending prayers and thoughts to Japan at this time of crisis, to all the people and animals, trees and plants suffering right now, shanti to you all.
Mother Earths message really can't be any clearer, she needs us now, she needs us all to take responsibility for her health, she needs healing.
Let us all make a real effort now, for the sake of our world, humanity, animals, fish, plants and all living beings.
Turn off unnecessary power, don't use plastic bags, cut down on our water usage, walk instead of driving, if we all really make a effort and do it in love for the Earth, we will make a difference. We are all responsible, we all have to make a difference now.

Om shanti shanti shanti

Images made in Japan 2008.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

crossing borders

Crossing Borders was a trip that lasted 23 days, begun in Hanoi and ended in Chang Mai; crossing borders from Vietnam into Laos, and from Laos into Thailand.
As I embarked on this journey I began to realise how many borders there really are from that to village to village, from different tribes of clans of people, to those borders we create ourselves, for example a sheet between mattresses on the floor creating a separation, a ‘hey this is my space.’ Borders between farmers fields, borders of electricity wires looking like they have carved up the sky, marks left on boards from posters creating its own empire. It made me think of how we separate our daily lives, from that of different rooms or areas in our living spaces, to the journeys made of the food we eat, or that to which we cage.
People cross borders every day from one street to another, from one village to another, from one country to another, some legal crossings some not. It made me think about how our entire world is carved up from beginnings until now, how it has changed and what dramatic effects it has had.
I am so lucky, me; the traveller, able to cross borders and push boundaries, for so many this is not a possibility.
Therefore ‘crossing borders’ is my homage to this journey, to all that I witnessed and all those that I met.

Images made in Vietnam and Laos, Crossing Borders is available as a limited edition box set consisting of 15 prints.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Colloquial; the spoken word.

The people came out onto the streets and they raised their voices and spoke. What has been said has been said, what is yet to be done we shall wait for the future to bring. Colloquial an exhibition of images made in Cairo throughout 2002 until 2006, has been shown in Cairo and Kuala Lumpur and is available as a limited edition hand made book, for more on the work please visit my website on
Sending my love to the streets and people that warmly welcomed me, took me as part of the family, cooked for me and I in turn cooked for them, we drank tea and ate together, laughed and cried together, my thoughts are with you all now as you are looking for a brighter future for your wonderful country.
When I asked my friend one day how she felt about her city Cairo, she replied, "How can a mother express her feelings for her child in words, so much love, it is the same for this city."

Images made in the city of Cairo 2002-2006 and are also available as limited edition prints.