Thursday, March 3, 2011

Colloquial; the spoken word.

The people came out onto the streets and they raised their voices and spoke. What has been said has been said, what is yet to be done we shall wait for the future to bring. Colloquial an exhibition of images made in Cairo throughout 2002 until 2006, has been shown in Cairo and Kuala Lumpur and is available as a limited edition hand made book, for more on the work please visit my website on
Sending my love to the streets and people that warmly welcomed me, took me as part of the family, cooked for me and I in turn cooked for them, we drank tea and ate together, laughed and cried together, my thoughts are with you all now as you are looking for a brighter future for your wonderful country.
When I asked my friend one day how she felt about her city Cairo, she replied, "How can a mother express her feelings for her child in words, so much love, it is the same for this city."

Images made in the city of Cairo 2002-2006 and are also available as limited edition prints.

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