Friday, July 3, 2009

Re-Tracing Steps

I first arrived in Hong Kong on the 16th of May 1994.  I was tired and penniless after traveling across Russia, Siberia and Mongolia on the Trans Siberian Express, and then through China on public transport.

I stayed in Hong Kong for a year and a half; it was here I met my Husband a fellow traveler, and many dear friends.  Re-tracing Steps looks at my return to Hong Kong in 2007, after thirteen and half years, and now made into a hand-stitched book depicting 18 black and white images.  Going back to a place after a long time is a strange kind of experience, memories re-traced maybe one circle completed and a new one begins.  I think sometimes we have to move backwards to again move forward.    

Re-Tracing Steps first edition of 100, and was completed on the 01.07.09, 12 years on from hand over and is available for orders.



  1. Hi Nicola, congrats on your book Re-tracing Steps. How can I order a copy? Hope you are well! Steven

  2. Congratulations Nicola. This is great! How do I get a copy of the book? I always loved your work.