Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Like a wave back and forth, returning home, as I laid on my yoga mat for the first time in over 5 weeks, listening to the words magnificent things happen at the Ocean, I reflected back on a wonderful journey. A journey that was indeed surrounded by the Ocean, no matter where one is in Sulawesi the sound of the tide is never too far away, as are the calls of hello Mrs, hello Mr from delightful faces, now I blend in again with the anonymity of a city, and am able to sit and think about what the magnificent Ocean has in store for me now, what will it bring me on the tide and in return what do I give it to take away to another place. Dreams fulfilled of energy and rituals now I have to think carefully of how to whisper the journey to give it justice of all that it was to show it in its glory of an enigmatic and marvellous time and place that it was. Sulawesi, all the way from Manado to Makassar in 36 days-thank you.

First image made from Pulau Bunaken, second image Manado, first few days of the journey.

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