Wednesday, January 27, 2010


When we retreat what is it that we do exactly? I think for many people it is different, a unique experience that is as individual as the person. A retreat could be anything from just closing your doors and turning off your phone, to traveling to a far away place and practising meditation, a healthy diet and having time for self-reflection. For me, this time in retreat is a time to become unified with the natural world around me, to feel breath and become uplifted, to feel that I can connect my own self conscious with that of the universe. Like a full glass, we perceive the space inside and outside the glass to be different, in a time of retreat is it possible to break the glass and the two spaces to become one?
Photography for me is also something that connects me to the world around me, opening my eyes to a new level of vision, a deeper vision so to speak, like a special awareness. It gives me the tools required to inquire into the nature of what is around me, what I belong to and also into ones own nature.
How wonderful a thing!

Mataian, Taiwan.

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