Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Road for Rhino's

Sometimes the paths we choose to journey seem filled with obstacles and difficulties, but then having reached the destination we feel stronger, we have achieved and learned many lessons along the way. I always think of that age old saying: ' a thousand mile journey, starts with a single step.' We have to have courage and determination, overcome our fears and leap both feet forward into the unkown. At the end of this journey where the above image was made, we were blessed with the sight of a glorious elephant, very close, very wonderful, yes oh lord Ganesha we overcame the bumpy, challenging road, one where rhino's wander, to get to you. You, the protector, the overcomer of all obstacles, you oh wonderful elephant God, raise your trunk high into the sky in triumph.

image made in Namibia, 2005.

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