Tuesday, May 17, 2011


A shell, a glorious memory to a beautiful place, a beautiful time. Kept safe on the shelf, dusted, cared for, re-lived. The shell itself, uprooted from its home, taken, it didn't ever give its permission to go, to be put in a pocket and flown across the ocean to a new place. Then in turn the person who relocated this delicate thing has to do the same herself, uproot, pack her things, her life into 20 allocated boxes. How does one decide what can go and what can not? Which stone, which shell, which pot? It's funny how ones life can be squashed down to size, to a certain amount of kilo's, nothing more, nothing less than 350 kilo's. But it's not what's is in the boxes themselves, but the joy of finding that hidden treasure you have forgotten about, until you hold it in your hands and the memory comes flooding back. At the end of the day things are just things, a physical presence, but it is not the physical that matters. At this time I am preparing to be uprooted once again, in 9 weeks time myself and my husband will be moving to Kathmandu, Nepal. An exciting prospect, yes, a scary prospect, yes, everything I love right now is here. But where is here? Where is home? I have come to discover that there are things and people to love wherever one is, home is in the journey, the joy is in our hearts, find peace there, find a place to rest there and the rest really doesn't matter! These shells were 'released' back to nature in a beautiful place, where they in turn can find happiness. Om shanti shanti shanti.

Images made TTDI, Kuala Lumpur, May 2011

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