Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sri Gumum

In the evening he came home, he found his wife and daughter had collected many eggs that day. He looked at them with hunger.

Greedily he ate all the eggs, now so thirsty. His wife brought bucket after bucket of water for him to drink, but it simply wasn’t enough…...............

The family moved their house next to Lake Chini so he could quench his thirst, as he sucked up all the water from the lake.

After Sri Gumum had polished off all the water, there was nothing but a muddy puddle left, suddenly he began to change and started to become half man half serpent….

His wife and daughter watched in amazement as..............
He slipped away into the mud and all the water began to flow back into the beautiful lake. It is said that if you are to visit Lake Chini today and you were to see something strange, it is sure to be the spirit of Sri Gumum himself still contained within the lake.

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