Wednesday, November 25, 2009


After a trip to my lab on Monday I feel like I have become an endangered species. I went to drop off a roll of film asking for my usual process and contact, however discovered they no longer offer any contacting service only scans, and to add to this they wont be able to get any more film in until January!
My heart sank as I walked back out onto the rainy street, as I walked back through downtown KL, I felt cornered and confused.
I let the rain hit me, my umbrella limp in my hand as I looked up to a black sky.
This is the second lab now where this has happened and the last one has never been able to re-stock its fridges with film.
An ape has to search for its forest, and I am now too searching for survival in the digital world. A little bit lost and vulnerable, are there any rehabilitation centres that cater for photographers using film, that provide us with our beloved rolls of the stuff we put around spools?
Four rolls are sitting pretty in my fridge, should I wrap them in silk, tie ribbons around them and place them behind glass, or go out there and shoot with reckless abandon?

In hope…………………..

Film donations accepted!!!



    Hi Nicola, try this bloke's website above...there IS a glimmer of hope! Happy Christmas!

  2. Thank you Steven, all the best for a wonderful and fruitful new year!