Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Noo Productions

In an ever-changing photographic climate, when times are sometimes uncertain and we are thinking of survival or indeed being able to put the bread on the table, we have to evolve with the world around us and adapt.
Hence the arrival of a new label: ‘Noo Productions;’ all things photographic and arty farty!
Making photographic books has always been a passion of mine since at university, there is still something seductive about holding a hand made high quality book full of those wonderful things we call photographs, little snippets of our world and ourselves, moments frozen forever between pages we can flick through.
At present under the label Noo productions there are several books available, some old favourites and some new titles. Colloquial- a look at the city of Cairo, The Little Red Lantern- a first glimpse of coming home to Asia, Re-Tracing Steps- a return to Hong Kong, Walking in Shadows- the sky that was below me and Going back to the Start- a return to beginnings in Sulawesi. All books vary in price and design.
There will be more titles coming soon.
Also under the label there are a range of greeting cards, a Yogi colouring book with sketches your children can happily colour in, mini prints, gift tags and a ‘Paint your own T-shirt’ set for children, including the t-shirt, fabric paint and stencil.
Not forgetting ‘Crossing Borders’ a box set of 15 prints and map of the journey made, and also a set of 8 prints from the series ‘Souvenirs’ in their own made envelope.
All photographic books and print sets are limited edition and signed.
Details of each individual product will be posted soon.
Noo Productions coming to a place near you very soon, starting at Garden International School Christmas Bizarre on the 4th December 2009, from 9am until 2.30pm, Kuala Lumpur.

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