Wednesday, September 22, 2010

108 steps; the final concentration

Before I walked along this shore, my mind was on a trampoline; jumping. These 108 steps brought calm, I felt energized, I saw and heard things better, I became focused and concentrated. I felt I could just sit down here and stay, no returning to where I had come from. There was no-body else there apart from me and a few goats, but there was no loneliness as I laughed at myself.

"Reality lay on the other side of the visible. But now his eyes lingered on the visible and he saught his place in this world. He did not seek reality; his goal was not on any other side. The world was beautiful when looked at in this way- without seeking, so simple, so childlike. The moon and the stars were beautiful, the brook, the shore, the forest and rock, the goat and the golden beetle, the flower and the butterfly were beautiful." Hermenn Hesse; 'Siddhartha'

Then I wandered back to the place where I had come, to someone sat waiting for me.

Images made in Kuta, Lombok, Indonesia

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