Wednesday, September 8, 2010

108 steps

1 roll of film, 108 steps along the shoreline at Kuta, Lombok, Indonesia. 108 is the same number of beads on a japa mala, the string of beads that are used to aid in staying focused in deep meditation. The number 108 is meant to be held as the most auspicious number, the number one symbolizing beginnings and overcoming ignorance. Zero represents emptiness and the number 8 infinite energy. Also the numbers add up to 9, a number representing balance, one only has to think of a tripod, to imagine balance, three three's equals to nine giving supreme balance.
108 steps; to help remain focused on the vision of the ocean, stopping every few steps to make another image, 12 images made in all. My concentration was singled onto the ocean, the waves, the light on the water, how it would change in a matter of seconds. How it was ever changing but always there in front of me, partly gentle, partly roaring in the distance showing its manifested greatness and energy. A gloriously concentrated 108 steps, 12 images to hold forever those moments.
Here are the first four images.

Made in Kuta Lombok; Indonesia 2010.

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