Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Beginnings and Endings.

Beginnings and Endings, where do we start and where do we finish, is there a distinction between the two, or are we contained in ever decreasing circles, like ripples from raindrops falling gently on the water.

This image comes from a body of work titled 'Souvenirs.' I wanted to capture ‘spirit of place,’ or at least what I witnessed, how I have seen and felt it. I wanted to capture the details under the surface of a rapidly changing continent. To make permanent to that which is changing, before it becomes lost. Moments kept forever although maybe not to be seen again within the place, but to be seen within the photograph.
It’s about my desire for simplicity, something that is often forgotten or overlooked in our complex lives overloaded with images.
Placing images together as diptyches is an invitation to the narrative, to an even deeper meaning. In our world inundated by visual imagery, our ability to take in more than one image at a time has become innate; in fact our attention span demands it. The rapid response of our eyes and brains struggles to make sense of a spiralling modern world. These images create a visual dialogue of their own, a series of visual poems, riffs or a mood, place, light, landscape or gesture.
Still photographs resist that impulse of speed. They force the viewer to stop, look, think, meditate and hopefully question. They make us stop and isolate a slice of life, exploring its details.
I am striving to show the beauty in what I see, of what I have witnessed, and the visual noise I encounter everyday in an ever-changing landscape.

Images made in Kep: Cambodia and Hat Yai: Thailand. From the series "Souvenirs"

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